Monday, July 23, 2012

Hola! My name is Sonak and this my site. I did this informative website as a task specially for Writing ESCO, --an ESL and Web Development program. If you want to hire me, look for the contact form found on this page. Below is my CV, along with some examples of online websites and well written articles I written before.

Graduated with honors from Shaw University
15 years of marketing and advertising experience (particularly for Web based audiences)
6 years of website design experience.
Dedicated, self-motivated employee with a taste for information.

Work Experience.
Writing ESCO,2007 - Present
Staff Manager
In command of arranging a international group of writers to match a advanced list of increased goals and objectives.
- Set cutting edge records for production, developing production by 20% across the globe
- Accurately managed regular logs of task distribution
- Monitored QA for international creation over a sizable group of internet writers

Self Employed Wordpress Website Designer

Additional Expertise
Fluent in Hindustani
Outstanding knowledge utilizing huge choice of office software

Samples of my English writing work:

Adult High School

Teachers in these schools are specifically trained since teaching adults is not similar to teaching growing children and teens. There are different education programs that these high schools offer. The lessons being taught are not necessarily similar to those taught... Read more..

APA Format Title Page

It serves as a shortened version of the title and is generally written in uppercase letters. The maximum number of characters for every running head is fifty. These include letters, punctuations, and spacing between words. Every running head must be aligned to the left margin and start with ‘Running Head:’. The page number must be... More on this site..

Automotive Engineering Schools

Aside from engineering by itself, similar programs can be viewed as comprehensive by the college student. This may incorporate online assistance, the accreditation as well as basic materials such as books. This should actually be the truth regardless if you are mastering automobile ergonomics, basic safety engineering, and vehicle dynamics. Ensure the tuition charges include each of the costs. While directly connected... Continue reading..

Chicago Style Citation Generator

Also called ‘social scientific/sciences style’, the author/date style cites sources through a reference list and author/date references in parentheses in the text. Although not necessary, it is recommended to have your sources cited in the bibliography and notes. In case a bibliography is not included in your research paper, you should provide complete details of your cited sources in the notes. This should also be done if you choose to make only a partial... Source of information..

College Requirements

Remember that there may be more requirements for a freshman than for old students. In order for you to get entrance in any school you choose, you need to fulfill their milestones and standards. An admission is therefore taken if you have complied with the list of requirements. There are colleges and universities that are... Click here to continue..

College Requirements

Although it is important, some students do not pursue college education after graduating from high school. But for those of you who would want to get a college degree, then you can definitely... More on this page..

Colleges In Ontario

You don’t have to rush it. The important thing is that you are happy with it. Don’t choose a program because your friends are choosing it too or because your parents want it for you. Choose something that you will enjoy and not regret in the long run. After choosing the field that you want to take it is time to look for universities and colleges that offer them.... Click here to read more..

Cool Math Games

Some of the most popular examples of cool math games are games like dots and boxes a game typically played by two players who try and use dots math and lines to outdo one another, then there is Stop Gate also known as Crosscram and Domineering, which is also played with a sheet of paper measuring 6x6 or on any 6x6 square, and then there is the game of Chomp... More on this page..

CPT Practice Test

The basic purpose of the College Placement Test is to measure the skills of the student in terms of reading and comprehension and also for the subjects English and Math. These schools just want to make sure that the students’ skills are at a college... More on this site..

CPT Test

One of the most common examinations that applicants for college are asked to take is the College Placement Assessment or the CPT test. This college placement examination is very useful both to the applicants and to the institutions as well. The test actually measures the critical educational levels of the... Continue reading..

Death Penalty Articles

They believe that the society has the legal right to protect and defend the right of killed victims. In the United States, capital punishment varies from state to state. Among the fifty states of America, only fifteen states do not have death penalty. These include Alaska, District of Columbia,... Find out more...

Essay About Myself

Students are compelled to generate essays for their own good like when they are being prepared for college or when they are required to write essays about themselves for documentation purposes. For whatever reason, some students find it a struggle to come up with a mix of words and make it... Read more..

Evaluation Essay

From this basic idea, he will subsequently list down all the beauty product brands available in his town. The writer must create and explain the criteria for judging every brand. If possible, he can... Source..

Greek Gods

Few subjects capture the imagination as the stories of the Greek gods and the dramas they played out on the stage of the world in the halls of Olympus and in the hearts and minds of every Greek person who... More on this site..

Hazmat Test

Because of the very dangerous nature of their jobs, they must be trained appropriately and they must be knowledgeable enough to be able to deal... To read more click here...

NS Student Loans

They have taken large steps to ensure that each student can have the chance to go to school. The government’s student loan program was first established in 1960s and from then on has already helped thousands of Nova Scotia students get hold of the money which is necessary to support their educational needs.... More on this page..

Scrapbooking Ideas

Scrapbooking is known to be a popular hobby that is growing fast today.It is a mixture of photos, memorabilia and stories created in a scrapbook style album.The photos and words that are mounted and arranged on background paper can be more appealing if it is done by using colored paper that depicts joy and cheerfulness in relation to the photos to be overlaid... To read more click here...

Solving Equations

A solution to a particular exp​ression involves exp​ressions that are assigned with the unknown parameters that satisfy the condition or equation. The method of solving equations varies from one type of equation to another. Each type of equation has its corresponding type of... More on this page..

Student Loans Alberta

However, parents are given the responsibility of providing their children with school supplies. Students are not required to wear school uniforms but there are sports and band uniforms which are also be provided... Continue reading..

Student Loans NS

Because there are other expenses such as food and rentals incurred during the course of their studies, this type of loan can give sufficient assistance to the students. In answer to this call, Nova Scotia came up with various assistance programs for students who don’t have the resources to continue their studies in college. Established in 1960s the... Source..